Back in black

The AC/DC song title has nothing to do with history or Historicity, but it was the theme of one of my High School homecoming dances, our school colors being black and white.  And you’ll note our new Historicity theme is also a very snazzy black and white.  (And no, Mr. or Ms. Curious, I was *not* invited to the dance, thank you very much for asking.)

The point being?  We’re back.


My apologies for the long period of silence here–other duties have been taking priority lately. Now that Real Life is calming down a bit, I will be posting more frequently again.


We’ve made this blog to talk about history–people, places, and events in the past that fascinate us. We’ve got our own particular interests, biases, and areas of expertise, but we’re open to exploring almost any corner of history. We hope you’ll join us, and perhaps find something along the way that you too find intriguing!