“to the brave belong all things”

Say what you will about the Celts, they certainly did get around. If you’d like to have a bit more to say about them than you currently do, check out the following links.

This essay tells you about the Celts’ entrance into history as a group of barbarians who were apparently well-versed in Roman law, and takes you as far as the medieval Irish and Scotch Celts. It also explains why the eponymous basketball team is pronounced with an S sound–who knew it wasn’t an Ignorant Americanism? Here are some anthropological-type details about the social organization and religion of the Irish and British Celts as they ran up against the Romans and other marauders, along with some info about the German connection.

You might also check out this site, designed as an interactive site about the British Celts for children. However, with all the dead bodies and talk of human sacrifice, I’d think it would be rather scary for kids, and my browser doesn’t seem to like it much either.

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  1. Loreena McKennit is an excellent singer who made pop music in Canada in the 80’s. She decided she liked “celtic” music but thought perhaps she should actually go to where the Celts are from, rather than mimicing Enya.

    So she went to Ireland, and quickly found that the Celts are only “from” there in a very small sense. So she started back tracking them across Europe and Asia, looking for cultural/musical clues, and ended up on a train ride across Siberia and swung through Asia.

    As a result, her music is VERY cross cultural, and really quite interesting.

  2. Your first two links are to the same site.

  3. Ooops! Links have been fixed.

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